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Mental Health Defense Bucky Ball 

take control of your hot buttonsTake this home Mental Health Defense Anti-Sheeple, Bucky Ball of crisis test with a friend...and an enemy or a neighbor,


My Shadow laments we have not been politically savvy for most of life. We have allowed political recommendations of "experts;" newspaper editors, media pundits and way too interested parties to do our thinking, until, that is the definition of "is" jolted my Shadow out of the shadow recesses of our brain.


Sunny Side in Utter Disarray


Our Sunny Side, our sweet rosy slumber convinced we walked the righteous path resides broken, in despair and completely rudderless.   My Shadow awake now and in full mental health awareness mode. Which brings us to the point of questioning most everything "media" that crosses our shadowy path.  We agree, the path to check and verify is not an easy one.


My shadow insists we have long been fascinated with how friendships form.We wonder how the criteria for what constitutes a friend varies from shadow to shadow. 

What My Shadow means is we have some weird-ass friends with ideas and opinions with which most of us either

  • strongly agree,
  • strongly disagree
  • strongly hold no opinion whatsoever,
  • strongly open to suggestion
  • or
  • neither
  • or
  • none of the above


My shadow holds no tepid interests.

All existence has friends, family, co-workers with whom we strongly disagree on any number of issues in order to ensure the continuation of the species.  PS Tasmanian Devils are direct descendent of the totality of humanoid history back to the first female then cleaved probably due to some unfortunate wardrobe malfunction and the little B got away.  Bit we digress.


Golden Rule Rules Most of the Time

We manage to suppress with toleration and respect for each other. The problems start when market synergy discovers this strongly held conviction. It matters not whether the strong conviction is pro, con or undecided. The loudest clues arrive in mailbox political junk mail (yes, we said junky, snail mail), e-mail inbox SPAM, inflammatory Internet memes meant to shock or dismay, political ads targeting sensitive subjects and charities/social groups with hands outstretched for money to help support their particular party and narrowly defined special interest charity tax write off fund.
At what point do these hot-spot targets become open sores for people to obsessively pick to make us forget or choose to disregard the ties that bind and determine a friendships demise? Where resides the space between positive and negative balance the need to feel superior as a group while striving for equality as the individual?
Once the hot button issues becomes media blasai do friendships rekindle where trust was once lost or will future Bucky-Ball issues continue to open new wounds?


Home or office Mental Health Defense Anti-Sheeple, Bucky Ball Worksheet


Try the home Mental Health Defense Anti-Sheeple, Bucky Ball of crisis test at home, in the office, at the circus, in bed...but above, all my shadow beseeches to all shadows, discover your hot buttons and regain control of the chaos which ensues.