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My Shadow's Tools

Drawings, charts and graphs it creates whenever a concept arises worthy of contemplation. My Shadow, so convinced of its 

total omniscience, is easily bored. 


Fortunately, my shadow has the attention span of the Americas and can be distracted but not with any ordinary cat video.  My shadow considers such activities as childish.  We could beg to differ but it would just lead us into  exhausting bouts of sibling rivalry over ownership of the core (that would be we).


My Shadow holds us in unfathomable contempt.  My shadow only plays with the other shadows who commiserate on annoyances, complain of repression, discrimination, unfair treatment.   blah, blah, blah, and my shadow always assumes anyone is listening.


Things to know about My Shadow

  • is never happy.
  • never trusts
  • is paranoid
  • laughs at socially unacceptable jokes
  • wants to see what cannot be shown
  • thinks it has total omniscience
  • only wants to do whatever it wants to do
  • never needs spell-checker
  • is easily distracted
  • is both proud and offended at the above descriptions


My shadow peruses brain maps and critical thought in order to weaken our justifications for repression of My Shadow. 

Possible reasons include our collective:



fear of the unknown

fear of danger

fear of harming someone or some thing

fear of knowledge


Which brings us to the point of this website.  We have decided to stop repressing My Shadow and just let it meander through all the fears and dark corners.

My positive side, that sunny disposition that shows up best in the P's "police, popular public places and pot lucks, discovered a miscalculation, an untruth which instigated a cascade of failure to achieve positivity.  


My shadow seized upon the opportunity to flaunt the mistakes, assumptions and misconceptions to logic or reason that had infected my Sunny Side to the point where we had no choice but to let my Shadow out...a bit.



Which brings My Shadow to the latest cache of mental weapons against the collective stupidity. 

Word for the day:

Peanut Gallery

 Thoughtcrime.  One word.


Critical Thought