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Zeros and Ones

Golden Rule AKA Ethic of Reciprocity

While studying the history of the Golden Rule it occurred to My Shadow the meaning of Zeros and Ones.

opposites howtoiconWe will attempt to explain:

Somewhere within ideology there exists a mean, a center, connecting point where extremes merge.

Extremes of Zeros and Ones eventually converge to provide a balance to life.

That Said...

The ideology of the Golden Rule is considered A universal ethical principle, a law of reciprocity. The Golden Rule concept exists in some form in most religious and ethical traditions.

A simple folk rule, A Golden law, easy to remember, easy to apply. A code of conduct which can be applied to interactions between peoples of many cultures with shared history of similar Golden Rule ideologies. Think of the Golden Rule as a "love your neighbor as yourself" sort of sociological survival guide which gives a distinctive advance to cooperative human groups to survive and reproduce.

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