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Brain Tools

Mine Your Own Data


Someone Watches YOU


Everything you DO


and it doesn't HAVE to matter why – it doesn’t have to reason

Here is how it’s Done

Data about everything is gathered.

It’s NOT all about You

“You” do not matter

The DATA knows the TruTH

Data Miners Gather

You need not KNOW the question

Nor why it was asked.

Nor where it is used

Nor the answer

Nor that it exists.

Nor that it is SecURE

YOU may Not know where

Buyers Buy


So they may provide you with ExcELLent ServICE

So they can target your impulse control

It’s for the sale


Simple –Answer

People are Different

  1. Boy – girl

  2. White – Brown

  3. Young – Old

  4. Fat – Thin

  5. Educated – Not



People are the same

  • Eat Food

  • Drink Water

  • Need Shelter

  • Born

  • Die

Data Miners Depend on Data USERS

So many SloTs, So Little TIME

Marketing on SteROIDS

Filling Slots – It's JusT that easy




Opinion Polls






  • What we see

  • What we buy

  • Where we Live

  • Where we Love

  • Who we know

  • Where we work

  • How we play

  • What aspires us

  • Criminal History

  • How many children

  • How many Sea Captains we know

  • Ever own a Dog

  • If we Like cats

That’s ALL

Data Criteria EstaBlished

HOW Related InformaTION GeTs collected


- Everything is related




Everyone is different and EveryOne is the same.

If you go deep down

To the Pixel

To the DNA

To the Core

SoLd to the highest bidder

Because we are Different

Because we are the same

All YoU HAVE to Know:

  • It sees you when you're sleeping

  • It knows when you're awake

  • It knows if you've been bad or good...

This is life

Count on it

From Now On

Data Mines Lurk in shadows, always alert

What U can do To understand DATA MINING

Learn to Mine Your OWN DATA

Take the MyStery out of the Story of Your Life

IT's not hard

Just Connect DOTS

Look at your BILLS –spending – daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annual, annual, periodic.

Draft a budget

Make a Family Tree

Chart your PrejudiCes

The subject – the style - doesn't mATTER

It's all DATA - Till it's NOT

CHUnk it OUT

We all think alike

We all think DiffErently

wE want to Identify

So we make AssumPtions

to Give and thaT helps us FeeL saFe.

Whatever it TaKes

Could be FamilY Values

Maybe be a Weapon

Neatly Mowed Lawns

Rows of Fences

Lucky Shoes

We need to Look ALike To fEEl SaFe

Make a ValUES plan to See How you are the




BOTH at the same time.

Data Miners KNOW.

We are all DiffERENT

We are ALL the Same

Both at the same time.

HOW Can This Be?

Data Can Be Manipulated to Inform

And to



50 % more TYRANTS love small children than CATz

it's not about the cats.

it's not about the kids.

it's not the about the TYRANTs

What’s impOrtant

I’s the 50.00% who believe TYrants like to eat them fried, baked or boiled in a stew.

WHO are YOU?

You may discover You are NOT the YoU – U always assumed.

You might just


Somewhere under the crusty, hardened debris and sediment Of the uncomplicated mind

The truth about Data Mining

And how it divides us

And HOW it unites us

And how to tell the difFerence.

Data MINING. It is not always BAD

and it is Not always good

It just IS

take charge of your own data mine

Monologue of the Algorithm: how Facebook turns users data into its profit


My Shadow's Tools

Drawings, charts and graphs it creates whenever a concept arises worthy of contemplation. My Shadow, so convinced of its 

total omniscience, is easily bored. 


Fortunately, my shadow has the attention span of the Americas and can be distracted but not with any ordinary cat video.  My shadow considers such activities as childish.  We could beg to differ but it would just lead us into  exhausting bouts of sibling rivalry over ownership of the core (that would be we).


My Shadow holds us in unfathomable contempt.  My shadow only plays with the other shadows who commiserate on annoyances, complain of repression, discrimination, unfair treatment.   blah, blah, blah, and my shadow always assumes anyone is listening.


Things to know about My Shadow

  • is never happy.
  • never trusts
  • is paranoid
  • laughs at socially unacceptable jokes
  • wants to see what cannot be shown
  • thinks it has total omniscience
  • only wants to do whatever it wants to do
  • never needs spell-checker
  • is easily distracted
  • is both proud and offended at the above descriptions


My shadow peruses brain maps and critical thought in order to weaken our justifications for repression of My Shadow. 

Possible reasons include our collective:



fear of the unknown

fear of danger

fear of harming someone or some thing

fear of knowledge


Which brings us to the point of this website.  We have decided to stop repressing My Shadow and just let it meander through all the fears and dark corners.

My positive side, that sunny disposition that shows up best in the P's "police, popular public places and pot lucks, discovered a miscalculation, an untruth which instigated a cascade of failure to achieve positivity.  


My shadow seized upon the opportunity to flaunt the mistakes, assumptions and misconceptions to logic or reason that had infected my Sunny Side to the point where we had no choice but to let my Shadow out...a bit.



Which brings My Shadow to the latest cache of mental weapons against the collective stupidity. 

Word for the day:

Peanut Gallery

 Thoughtcrime.  One word.


Critical Thought







Mental Health Defense Bucky Ball 

take control of your hot buttonsTake this home Mental Health Defense Anti-Sheeple, Bucky Ball of crisis test with a friend...and an enemy or a neighbor,


My Shadow laments we have not been politically savvy for most of life. We have allowed political recommendations of "experts;" newspaper editors, media pundits and way too interested parties to do our thinking, until, that is the definition of "is" jolted my Shadow out of the shadow recesses of our brain.


Sunny Side in Utter Disarray


Our Sunny Side, our sweet rosy slumber convinced we walked the righteous path resides broken, in despair and completely rudderless.   My Shadow awake now and in full mental health awareness mode. Which brings us to the point of questioning most everything "media" that crosses our shadowy path.  We agree, the path to check and verify is not an easy one.


My shadow insists we have long been fascinated with how friendships form.We wonder how the criteria for what constitutes a friend varies from shadow to shadow. 

What My Shadow means is we have some weird-ass friends with ideas and opinions with which most of us either

  • strongly agree,
  • strongly disagree
  • strongly hold no opinion whatsoever,
  • strongly open to suggestion
  • or
  • neither
  • or
  • none of the above


My shadow holds no tepid interests.

All existence has friends, family, co-workers with whom we strongly disagree on any number of issues in order to ensure the continuation of the species.  PS Tasmanian Devils are direct descendent of the totality of humanoid history back to the first female then cleaved probably due to some unfortunate wardrobe malfunction and the little B got away.  Bit we digress.


Golden Rule Rules Most of the Time

We manage to suppress with toleration and respect for each other. The problems start when market synergy discovers this strongly held conviction. It matters not whether the strong conviction is pro, con or undecided. The loudest clues arrive in mailbox political junk mail (yes, we said junky, snail mail), e-mail inbox SPAM, inflammatory Internet memes meant to shock or dismay, political ads targeting sensitive subjects and charities/social groups with hands outstretched for money to help support their particular party and narrowly defined special interest charity tax write off fund.
At what point do these hot-spot targets become open sores for people to obsessively pick to make us forget or choose to disregard the ties that bind and determine a friendships demise? Where resides the space between positive and negative balance the need to feel superior as a group while striving for equality as the individual?
Once the hot button issues becomes media blasai do friendships rekindle where trust was once lost or will future Bucky-Ball issues continue to open new wounds?


Home or office Mental Health Defense Anti-Sheeple, Bucky Ball Worksheet


Try the home Mental Health Defense Anti-Sheeple, Bucky Ball of crisis test at home, in the office, at the circus, in bed...but above, all my shadow beseeches to all shadows, discover your hot buttons and regain control of the chaos which ensues.