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A Christmas Tale


2,000 years or so, ago...

Visitation of the Traveling Tourists


Two aliens cruising the space lanes on holiday spied a tiny ball of blue in the maze of starry skies. Thinking it might be one of the colonies, they decided to stop in for a bite. A quaint, little town in the desert clime seemed a fine place that might remind them for a while of home so many light years away. It was a silent, aphotic night2globnot carrierth

and the ship shot silently through the atmosphere like a shining golden orb of fire. They landed in an unpopulated side of the valley near an old graveyard to minimize impact to the inhabitants. It was quite courteous of the aliens to do so as the heat and fire of the landing blew like a sandblaster, turning sand into glass. The shock wave blasted rocks, overturned grave stones and blew crypt door agape.

Where it All Began - An Out of this World Christmas Tale

After most of the dust settled the aliens opened the hatch. The lights from within the ship beamed with blinding light to surround the alien with an eerie silhouette distorted into the form of a tall human form with shadowy long fingers and slender, elongated limbs. The aliens helmet formed an odd rounded head narrower at the chin, The goggles seemed blacker than coal in a million year old coal mine, yet glimmered in the lights with a greenish sheen.

The alien peered into the darkness hoping to see a familiar cafe or colonial saloon The earth below seemed to writhe in the dusty air. As the breeze cleared the air the creatures appeared, moaning, supplicating, whipping of flesh, homes and building ablaze in the distance, screaming in the distance, killing of animals and small children that were placed in the crater as offerings of obedience or food.

Oblivious, the alien provided his most official first contact greeting position as written in colony administrative regulations. Stand with feet firmly together, legs straight and arms out with palms showing. The breathing tubes on the helmet shone like golden rainbows. "Greetings. Can anyone tell me on which colony have we landed?"

Only the sound amplifier had not been re-set from the last stop on a dense air planetoid so the question just blew the first few rows of creatures onto their backsides and caused great consternation of earsplitting agony among the rest.

Confused, he shrugged his shoulders, turned back into the ship and slammed the hatch shut. The alien says to the co-pilot "We shouldn't have taken that last left."

The ship shot into the air with a firey blast and flew up to the stars as though a golden chariot pulled by winged, flying beasts bellowing beastly blasts of blusterous babble and bewailing as they faded from view with glistening, shimmering specters in flight, never to return.

Shortly there after fell a silence in the air as the ship disappeared like a glimmering star. Then the silence was shattered once more with the tiny wailing of a newborn in a nearby farming structure.