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These are among the many things my shadow ponders. Whether 'rightly' or 'wrongly' only the Shadow knows...

At this point, my shadow distrusts the Quora platform entirely.  When we were invited to take part in the forum to earn pennies for our thoughts, My Shadow believed the forum wanted our input.  After several hundred questions we asked, we realized some alterations had been mysteriously made to the questions we asked.

We assumed the legitimate questions we had queried were deemed offensive or not in the spirit of which Quora intended.  We, of course questioned the questioners to little avail. 

This brings my shadow to one last question for Quora to ponder. 

Why do you ask for questions and opinions from real people from all walks of life when you fully intend to alter both question and answer to suit your particular political, philosophical and social justice warrior outlook? 

If Quora personnel are so enlightened and smart, why do they not simply ask and answer their own questions?  Why ask for input from the Great Unwashed only to alter the course and meaning of both question and answer to suit the Quora agenda?  The answer, my shadow surmises, is that Quora, like facebook and twitter are bullies with censorship and repression on their tiny little lock-step minds.

Our reason for asking our last Q Q was prompted by a news headline of a transgendered male who won first place in an all-female bicycle race, and the females were quite upset.  So I asked: If a big ol gal whooped up on a group of NFL Linebackers and won would the linebackers complain or accept her in their group? "

It's an issue of fair play, equality, good-sportsmanship.  For what ever reason the idiots in charge of Quora took offense.  They did not read the question as legitimate and altered the question into a twisted, deranged Frankenstein.

When my shadow complained and requested the amateurishly clumsy attempt to improve said question be removed from our name we were instructed:

"Quora questions are considered community property and can be edited by anyone that is a part of the Quora community. Our goal is for every question to become the best resource for anyone looking for an answer to that question. The community goal is to have questions that are well-formed and easily understood."

I ask of all shadows to now ponder Quora's tortured logic to the original question and compare with ours their "well formed and easily understood" replacement.

  • Original: If a big ol gal whooped up on a group of NFL Linebackers and won would the linebackers complain or accept her in their group? 
  • Improved Quora question: "What would happen if someone attacked NFL linebackers" 

Since the day we asked our final QQ, news reports of other all-female contests have been reported where the transgendered man/woman has taken the crown. We are not allowed to question inclusion of woman-beasts for fear of hurting the feelings of the winners regardless the fact their male-penises remain intact, only the wigs and the boobs have changed. My god, haven't they suffered enough ...? PS: For the illiterate - 'male and penis' combined is redundant.

We will not return to Quora to engage in any further battles with windmills.

These are the questions we have asked which apparently have not been altered that we know of.  Click and answer if you feel the need to toss a penny or two our way, but in My Shadow's not so humble opinion, Quora is not a trustworthy forum in which to invest time or energy much less trust that any answer given has not been "translated" for meaning and understandability by this band of fools.












Do you think churches and certain church-affiliated organizations should be exempt from filing annual information returns when most non-profit, tax-exempt organizations are required to do so?

If the sincerest form of flattery is mimicry, we grow, adapt, adopt, evolve, as people, why is cultural appropriation the forbidden zone?

Is identity politics the cause or effect of Political Warfare tactics?

Why don't native Americans have residential addresses on their homes?

Is higher education going in the wrong direction?

What do you suggest we do to make liberals and conservatives to understand one another?

Why don't lawmakers remove antiquated, useless laws from the books?

If Eyeglasses can block all technology, what possibly can go wrong?

What does it mean to live without belief?

Should atheists practice what they preach?

In the world of "vintage," does plastic belong?

Is ergonomics pseudoscience?

Is Direct primary care a more efficient way to deliver care?

What could or would drive a person to become a bondage gimp?

If one expects to experience racism, sexism etc., would one also subconsciously (or otherwise) project that expectation upon others?

Is America being changed into a Presumption of Guilt system?

Are atheists just as susceptible to "group-think" and other non-rational forms of cognition as theists?

Why don't politicians use empty government owned buildings as housing for the homeless?

Will new Mandatory mental health classes in ALL New York schools from K-12 raise a generation of arm-chair psychiatrists?

Have toxic ideas spread by higher education undermined humanistic values and widened divisions in culture?

What is the point of telling people we have no purpose, life is meaningless or how insignificant we are?

Is it still OK for men to enjoy watching women eat bananas and hot dogs?

Can humankind ever find the cure to bureaucracy?

Which personal goal is superior, to be reasonable or rational?

What funny yet embarrassing thing happened to you as a kid?

What is your favorite Triangle myth or superstition?

Are there any evolutionary benefits to developing natural immunity to any disease in lieu of vaccination?

Does science prove a thing to be true, or deny a thing that can be proven false?

If compulsory education forces children to attend school about six and a half hours each day, under threat of truancy. Does homework exceed the legal obligation of attendance or blur the line between compulsory 'work time' and free personal time?

At what point does education meet indoctrination and how can you tell which is which?

Only 4 countries allow Direct to Consumer Pharmaceutical advertising. Are the ads helping or hurting citizens?

Has a song on the radio ever caused you to become so emotional you had to pull over and recompose yourself?

What are the best songs of the 60s?

What social problems could be completely cured with $3.1 million a day?

Can evil be explained without the element of supernatural involvement?

Have you seen a "streaker"? What did you think?

Is the concept of civility an old, misguided obsession of the melanin impaired?

Is the line between mainstream and fringe becoming blurred beyond recognition?

If 57% of Americans support legal abortion (conservatives included), why use scare tactics on supporters?

If you had a chance for a "do-over" in life, what would you do differently?

Why does media use couched language: "he made allegedly anti-semitic remarks," instead of reporting exactly what was said word-for-word?

Why is the subject of Mothers who abuse and/or murder their children rarely discussed while male violence a media highlight?

Which extreme side has banned or burned more books, left or right?

Is there a limit to the physiological amount of data a human brain can store, calculate and express?

What viable, 'non-indoctrinational' alternatives are available to teach children morality besides religious doctrine?

Why should husbands take their wife's Father's name? Technically all women are last-named Eve

If there is danger in being nice, could we at least be cordial?

Local politicians have the most power to adversely affect our immediate lives why do people focus on the President (regardless of party)?

Can I share or give away a purchased document when I am through with a 503.c non-profit educational program?

Have you ever stopped at a traffic light with busy cross traffic and the vehicle in the lane next to you suddenly backs up? Do you slam your brakes or feel panic that your vehicle is rolling forward?

If every single law in the US were distributed equally among every citizen how many laws would we each have already broken?

If a person saved every ticket stub to every LOUD event for 50 years and went deaf should they sue every vendor for damages?

If you were part fish what part would be fish?

If God had pity on us all and flipped the electricity off what one thing would you pray to be returned?

If MIB spooks tapped your phone how bored would they be on a scale of one to comatose?

Are unbelievers who don't question fact akin to believers who don't question faith?

Which is worse: Believers who don't question faith or unbelievers who don't question fact?

Is the Democrat Party becoming a party of violence?

Has Western philosophy ever reached or surpassed the Eclipse of Reason?

Exactly what is "the social justice revolution" and who makes up the rules?

Is smart an equivalent to wise?

If my doctor prescribes medication does the pharmacist have a right to ask "where" the medication is to be applied and/or what is my condition?

Is it legal or ethical for medical profession to request/require patients to produce lists of medications if the requestors do not have access to your medical files? In other words can I legally refuse?

Is 'Real learning' a combination of theory and practice?

What is a belief that you hold with which many people disagree?

How does your political Hot Button issue rank in this Gallup poll?

Has Hollywood improved now that Humpty Dumpty has fallen?

How is it racist to mention you have black friends?

What type of argument is this? "The easiest way to identify a racist is when they say racism doesn't exist"

Do age-appropriate warnings on toys stifle or limit creative imagination?

On a linguistic basis how different is mass media in this century compared to the last?

What do you epect in a judge?

Is the United States headed toward Ochlocracy (mob rule)?

Is privacy a myth?

What IQ or education level do televised sitcoms target?

Do you care whether a celebrity sits near your table in a restaurant?

What would happen to the world economy if suddenly people decided to just get along?

What do you expect from a celebrity?

Why do I talk to my dice when I have no supernatural superstition?

How practical is advice that we each grow our own food?

What is your favorite Neil Sedaka song?

Can evidence based-thinkers experience unquestioning faith?

What's the incentive to treat homeless people when the worse the problem gets the more money we throw at politicians to "fix" the problems?

I grew up with comedy family, radio, TV Chaplain to Chappelle but this century comedy seems particularly unfunny. Is it me or the century?

What cartoon scenario comes to mind when you see a big red button just waiting to be pushed?

Have males evolved "speed listening" as a response to females "speed talking" which might explain why men seem to hear only about half of what women say?

If Daddy's sperm met with Mommy's other egg instead of creating me, would half of that other me possess at least half of the personality of the current me?

If the Paleo Diet is best physical health, would not Paleo Silence be best for mental health? (no artificial sounds or input) x

Why is it difficult to sympathize with people who get hurt while doing something crazy, like playing with fireworks?

What is the greatest unsolved mystery you would love to solve?

Are scientists close to discovering why huge craters are appearing in Russia?

Could Watson solve the Tamam Shud case, aka Mystery of the Somerton Man?

Why do plastic bans seem to target useful/reusable plastic products and ignore manufacturer excessive use of clam-shell packaging and one use wrap which we must immediately discard?

Does Buckminster Fuller's World Game involve pilot programs with actual people or cause real world change and/or condition?

Do confrontations of public officials by fanatics lead officials to attend more private clubs and restaurants?

If Mystery Meat (lab-grown) replaces all meat, what would become of farm animals? Zoos, Wildlife sanctuaries, Free range, Slaughterhouse, Pets?

Why do politicians fight for $15 minimum wage when they know 83 percent of jobs paying less than $20 an hour will be subject to automation or replacement?

Human stem cells from embryos contribute to scientific and medical research, why object to consuming lab-grown meat harvested from calves?

Have you ever felt bone chilling dread for doing something stupid?

Would you have fallen for serial killer, Ted Bundy's pleas for help?

Should Buckminster Fuller's Spaceship Earth be required reading for everyone before graduating high school?

What would a politician promise be if Frankenmeat (lab meat) becomes a hit A in every pot?

What is your all-time favorite double-speak phrase?

Do you research claims, statistics and extrapolations made by pharmaceutical advertisements?

Do you listen/watch commercial advertisements for entertainment?

In a perfect world will be there gangsters?

Which is healthier, to watch commercial advertisements with a critical eye or ignore them completely?

Is "difference" revered only when it suits us?

If humans can't get along within divided subgroups what the Snowball's Chance in Heck for a space alien to assimilate?

Is meditation the attempt to regain control of personal comfort zones?

We use animal parts to cure diseases in humans and consume chemical additives in food? How is lab-grown meat any different?

Why do some scientists think octopodes are space alien in origin?

Will you consume lab-grown, cultured meat?

Mom's common saying was "Life is a Test?" What did your Mom say?

Dad's favorite saying "Zee Plot Sickins" - what did your Dad say?

Is passive-aggression a male thing, female thing or do we all practice passive-aggression depending upon the situation?

When did Hollywood celebrities change from entertainers to propagandizers - or has it been this way all along?

Which is more efficient, to memorize facts and figures for instant recall or to memorize where to get facts and figures?

What one thing do you believe science will never satisfactorily solve?

Why do you have a dog. Protection, Companionship, Early warning system, Quick meal in case of 'dire' emergency?

What is the dumbest thing you've done to play with your cat where you realized - Uh-Oh, I think I went too far this time?

Have you ever met or interacted with a malevolent person?

Is it possible that science will eventually defeat religion?

Is the Golden Rule to religion as Pidgin English is to communication?

Why does salmon and Celery cause acid indigestion in some people (like me, for instance)?

Do humans need religion or is science sufficient?

Does it thrill you just a little bit to see matching numbers 1:11 or 2:22 etc., on your digital clock?

If you could program a new intelligent life on Earth and Space, what would be an appropriate life span?

If you owned a genius cow what would you call it?

What do you do when you can "think" the answer to a question but can't get the message to the tongue?

Where do most gun deaths take place? City, Urban or Rural? Does it make a difference?

How much plastic pollution will California's cannabis-product packaging rules ultimately create?

Do you prefer Johnny Carson reruns over night time talk shows today?

Do you like, love, adore Rockabilly music?

Which politician has disappointed you most in your life?

Have you changed your political affiliation recently (last 10-20 years) which way: Left, Right, Center or something unique and personal?

What is your favorite 1950's song?

Do you recognize the Wilhelm scream when you watch movies or TV shows?

Why do people insist upon saying "These Ones" when 'these' is the appropriate word? I just heard 'these ones' from the mouth of a TV news reporter! x

What sage advice would your dog give to you if it could talk?

Does the use of a Laugh Track offend your sense of humor?

I haven't watched a TV Sitcom in over 45 years - have I missed anything?

Does it upset you to find an unfinished crossword puzzle filled out with pen and not pencil?

Are IQ (Intelligence) and EQ (emotional) sufficient without GQ? (Growth quotient) x

Can you complete a fairly difficult crossword puzzle with an ink pen and no errors?

Which issues today are "wicked problems," and how would you solve one?

Is "guaranteed jobs" a remix of the 1940's make-work programs?

Will people employed by guarantee jobs be taken seriously and respected?

What does "guaranteed jobs" mean when applied to quality work and career opportunity?

What do atheists think of Maxine Waters statement: "God Is On Our Side," If You See A Member Of Trump Cabinet, "Push Back"?

Which would you rather be, the Head Toad or the Cat's Meow?

How many years would it take to completely change USA political character and structure if we offered completely open borders to immigration?

If churches paid taxes would it really feed the world?

What is the first thing people learn after taking a "smart pill?"?

Headline: Disgruntled veteran sets himself on fire. Is this a condescending or misuse use of the word "disgruntled" (displeased and discontented; sulky; peevish)?

If a person suspected of a crime lives alone and authorities need samples of DNA but the suspect is wily, could the sewer line provide needed DNA?

Why do TV meteorologists "event" to describe predictions: rain event, snow event, storm event. Doesn't the simple rain, snow or storm suffice?

Does regular use of allergy medications cause the body's immune system to adjust thus increasing need for allergy medications?

Why do atheists fall for myths about atheism?

Do atheists believe they can intimidate someone into unbelief?

Is the Flat Earth nonsense fueled by atheist pranksters or true believers?

How many atheists appreciate hearing harsh comments of ridicule toward believers? Does it make you more or less comfortable in your unbelief? Do you feel proud, embarrassed, don't care?

Is "Utopia" just another way to describe "Heaven"?

What would happen if celebrities acted with dignity and made civil peace with moderate and conservative leaders regardless the Twitter storm for the good of this country?

Is it sexism when advertisements that target women depict males as buffoons?

Do you think advertisements, including political, that use or target children are immoral?

Why do pundits say homelessness is worse when the 1930s had 2 million and today it's 554,000 homeless with 167,000 actually on the streets?

When women say "My husband is no longer my friend" is is safe to assume she has not been a friend to her husband?

What does the phrase "Get the credit you deserve" really mean?

What was in mimeograph 'ditto' paper and did you inhale?

Ever wonder why people don't seem to get what is painfully obvious to you?

Ever wonder where elected politicians take vacations?

Ever wonder what the dwelling(s) of our fearless leaders look like?

Given all the food waste in America, does food insecurity make us fat, lean or bewildered?

What"s something you excel at but don"t like to do?

Do you ever suffer embololalia [em? Bo-lo-la'le-ah] where you interject meaningless words into a sentence when speaking?

Have you ever woke yourself up laughing? Do you remember what was so funny?

Is it irony when people who form their existence around superficial appearance find it necessary to ridicule those who don't?

How do we know the earth and planet, stars and everything is not simply a germ of an idea forming inside the head of a supreme being?

Does "take this job and shove it" only work when you are young and 'beautiful' not so much for middle age?

Why do news reporters and commentators use the word "gentleman" in reference to someone who obviously performed a criminal act?

Is chaos necessary?

What comes to mind when you think of "hate" crime?

Are you secretly paranoid and proud of it?

Why do ideologies that advocate unity seem to divide?

Does the laugh track diminish a genuine sense of humor?

Ideology is the imaginary relation to the real conditions of existence. Today the world seems like a mess. Has ideology gone wild?

Does lined paper gets in the way of creativity?

What advice would you give to Little Red Ridinghood?

How is caffeine removed from coffee and other foods/drinks?

Is it fair to limit water usage for residents in drought-prone California when 110 water bottlers export CA water worldwide?

Why don't 3rd world countries have high depression/bi-polar suffers as do modern countries?

What is your favorite mondegreen?

If life is a game of total recall, does the bucket list depend upon player skill or is death the thrill of the ride?

Lapdogs can spontaneously appear in your lap. You can force them down but they just reappear. Is this proof that dogs are aliens?

Have you ever received a secret message from beyondo?

Do you think diversity includes the Left's acceptance of the Right as equals and vice-versa?

Now that they've found the gene that makes women more talkative should they look for the gene that makes men not listen?

How many times did Father Guido Sarducci get busted trying to enter the Vatican?

What age are you mentally? I'm in my 60's with a touch of 7?

Hippies used to say, "Never trust anyone over 30." What do they say now at 70?

Ever notice that people who say "Think for Yourself" usually follow up with advice on how to think?

The Pope visiteth the USA on same day my ice maker was repaired after a long period of ice cube dysfunction. Coincidence?

Why do I watch old John Saxon movieswhy, why?

Hippies used to say, "Never trust anyone under 30." What do they say now at 70?

What would you say to a salesperson who promises "the Luck of the Irish." Any Irish falling for this one?

Was Twitter invented to force atheist writers to draft shorter sentences so people can freaking understand what they are talking about?

If 50% of people consider you to be stupid and 50% think you are smart does that make you a mean person?

Super white cartoon teeth always remind me of Judge Doom's cartoon teeth on Roger Rabbit. Why do Americans fixated on having whiter than white teeth?

When did politicians in this country become more as royalty than for the people?

Would you attend a holographic fireworks display?

How would you react if Jeopardy held a Tourette's competition?

The Laugh Track was born 10 minutes before me. What should be my fate?

When you whistle or hum a favorite tune do your grandkids recognize it from a commercial?

If you were a caterpillar about to be devoured by a praying mantis, what would you say to convince it not to eat you?

What do you pretend to understand?

Does real learning happen inside or outside the classroom?

Would you buy a hologram that displays a beautiful Christmas tree instead of a natural tree if you could?

How much plastic pollution do fake Christmas trees cause?

What is one thing for which your significant other wants to be remembered at the end of life?

If I ask my Asian neighbor for a good rice recipe, would that be racism, sexism or just a request for a good rice recipe?

What is a "rogue voter"?

I did not like my dog at first but now I wouldn't give her up for a million bucks, what did she do to me?

What are 5 to 10 personal unbending rules you follow in life?

Does the media tend to venerate royalty and thumb their noses at citizens who revere the Constitution?

In what way are Americans as equal as we choose believe?

Is Yellow journalism returning or did it ever leave?

Do politicians count on We the Peeps of these United States to not pay attention to their actions or inaction?

Are people who churn out political memes afraid to voice their own opinions?

What is the difference between "talking to someone" and "talking with someone"? When do you use which?

How can a country survive when the next crop of adults is more into apps than study?

Food eating contests are held to give untalented people a chance to compete at something, even though it could kill them. Will someone explain what is the point of eating contests?

Is atheism a state of mind (a-theist, without belief) or an ideology - a system of ideas that form the basis of economic or political theory and policy?

What do you say to the "theists are just as bad or worse than atheists" argument?

Who owns Earth? I realize many people will say no one, the Earth belongs to all of us. Well, if that were true we all could go anywhere at any time in any place. Sooo, who owns Earth?

How does science explain the wicked question?

When the aliens come who will they take? The sheeples (followers) or the freeples (fighters)?

What kind of mother curses and swears at her child?

Given the ripple effects of PTSD (think slavery, inquisition, war, witch burning), how many generations does it take for a family line to psychologically heal?

What ingredient would you add to stone soup?

What is it that never fails to crack you up laughing?

What are the contents of your junk drawer?

What is the smallest denomination of money you will pick up off a street?

If reincarnation is real, what animal would you want to be on the next go-around?

Can you describe a time when you really screwed up and there was no one else to blame?

My mother always said "It's the squeaky wheel that gets the grease." How is this different from "letting the terrorists win?" (and by terrorists I mean fanatics)?

Everyone holds some false beliefs. How do you identify them?

What is the title of the worst movie you love to watch - why?

When was the last time you lost your temper and what would you do differently now?

What are five conveniences you can't possibly live without?

What is your favorite Friday night frivolity?

Describe your alter-ego?

Lame excuses: I didn't finish my homework because?

What is the most important thing you've learned this year?

Do you have a personal motto? What is it?

What do you value in a friend?

What is honor and does it matter anymore?

Are you the hero of your own story or the villain?

Abbe Normal was the name of Frankenstein's brain. What name would you give to your brain?

If life had do-overs, what would you do over?

Ever wonder, when you wish you could go back and do things over, that you are back doing it all over and still screwing up?

Do you know how to think critically about authority?

When was the last time you cannon balled into a swimming pool?

What special day in your life was a disaster in time?

Who is your greatest celebrity disappointment?

Could you recite the alphabet backwards on demand?

How far from your birthplace do you live now?

What is your weirdest, most useless talent?

Real or not, describe your perfect weekend?

Name an event in your life that defied all explanation?

What song always puts you in a good mood?

Would you eat green eggs and ham?

How would driving Bumper Cars improve the daily commute?

What would you do if a time portal suddenly opened in front of you?

When did you realize your Father is only human?

When did you realize your Mother is only human?

You buy a translation guide to communicate with a new neighbor. You say "Welcome to my neighborhood" but the book translates "Turnips grow mightily in my nose" and the neighbor laugh out loud. What do you do?

Can you describe one stereotype where you made a complete 180 degree reversal?

What did Socrates mean by "The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing?" x

Irish Poet Wm Butler Yeats said: "There are no strangers here; only friends you haven't met yet." if this is true, why people continue to resist talking to strangers?

Bias doesn't make us 'bad' it makes us human. How does talking to strangers help shatter learned stereotypes and paradigms?

A paradigm shift is a fatal event that leads to death of a stereotype. Explain the importance of trying to understand the unfamiliar?

Name and describe a movie you totally resisted but enjoyed so much it proved fatal to your paradigm and you became a fan of that genre of movies?

If I were desperately poor, I would?

If I were independently wealthy, I would?

Can a believer be immoral?

Can an unbeliever be moral?

What would you give up if you could change the world?

Can a person be both loyal and independent simultaneously?

In the game of life, what is your role, character or avatar?

At what point does creativity meet insanity?

Which is more important Trust or Love?

What's the best way to discover that you are your own worst enemy?

Is Synergistic marketing that targets senses, emotions, fears, harmful to Mental Health?

What is the quickest way to recognize fake news?