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chained by our creator which is us

Pointless Rants & Etchings

This section reserved for mindless rants and ravings which may be misconstrued by idiots.

The cautionary tale that is the side-effects, literary novels which add reams of paper to carry through the checkout...toss into trash, shredder and possibly recycle bins as soon as we get home and contribute to the deforestation of wherever the trees are grown these days, all so that we may enjoy the precious prescription bestowed from on-high... Tree to tree, trash to trash. Amen.

the WWE of Information, misinformation, disinformation
shift in communication.
shift of magnitude
Someone realizes we left out the poor
Efforts ensue
bring the poor to the fold
ensure prevention
the danger of necessity
that breeds independent solutions.
Equality achieved
complete with cut off switches
just in case thing get