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  • Question: Why are you buying toys that play themselves when you could buy something your kid could assemble to help them gain personal accomplishment pride and learn something in the process.
  • Realize: Marketers expect kids will throw grand-mall temper tantrums because they can't play with "a" toy they just received as a gift.
  • Resist: Marketing assumption you must respond to said grand-mall tantrum by racing to the store in your robe and pajamas. to appease the  child's impulses for satisfaction.
  • Be the Parent:
  • If there are no batteries, explain to the kid the batteries can wait till tomorrow - and follow through.
  • Get the kid involved in something that doesn't involve batteries.
    • Write thank you cards
    • Play board games
      • or - gasp -
    • join in conversations.

In other words, be the parent not the stooge.


My shadow ruminates over festivals sanctioned by the western world which extol fantasies of flying reindeer, babies in mangers, bunnies, ghosts and ghouls.
My shadow forces us to no longer celebrate a sanctified holiday or make plans to attend sponsored events.

Oh the Grinch people say. My shadow is unmoved. People who can't imagine life without a holiday simply do not understand the freedom achieved when one decides not to join the crowd.