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Why are flushable wipes not flushable?
Flushable wipes combine with cooking grease in drains and sewers to make giant fat-bergs that clog sewers and drains.
So, just throw flushable wipes into the garbage can.
Flushable is the preferred method of disposal. The thing disappears, accountability goes along with.
If flushable wipes cause so much damage, why encourage people to flush?
To create jobs.
But what about the environment?
Screw the environment. The fatbergs and wipes all get to the landfills and elsewhere regardless if they are tossed or flushed.
Flushing wipes makes jobs.
Think of it as supporting the substructure for those with low job skills.
Americans love a good cause.
Opportunities abound for those who enjoy scraping debris from putrified screens and pumps.
Flushtification meets justification.
Harmony achieved.