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Brain Sparks - Positive vs Negative

How can my Shadow explain what it knows in an intelligent yet entertaining manner.

My shadow is convinced that everything consists of minus and positive aspects.

For instance, two opposite sounding words:

  • Happy positive
  • Sad negative

 My shadow insists even though the words appear opposite to each other, both words have each their own unique positive and negative charges.

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Flushable Wipes Clog Drains

The question asked: Why promote flushable wipes as flushable when they collectively clog sewer drains which require expensive cleaning and maintenance?

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Media Connects USworld balance tincap

to spread common values
to solidify language
Share tales & stories
for We to listen and absorb.
Comes the Internet

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they are coming for us

 The Cautionary Tale Begins:

"Fluconazole: it is used to treat fungal infections in the mouth.  This drug is used to treat vaginal yeast infections."

My shadow muses.

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Agony adsagony ads

Agony ad describe in graphic detail
pain and misery of all
conditions to explain the magic pill.
serve a multitude of purpose
to convince healthy
how sick they really are
so people know what to find
previously ignored
as healthy people should

My Shadow Mournsbatboy Weekly World

My shadow longs for the days of the Weekly World to return Bat Boy to this great land who will at last restore harmony and peace, rid the world of nuclear arsenals, stamp out hunger, pestilence, plague, plaque and bureaucrats. Our heart aches to see Bat Boy one more time.  We need you Bat Boy!

Christmas Morn

star top treeicon

My shadow reminds, when gifts display on Christmas morn and comes the realization there are no batteries for the toys.

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Pastiche: Critical Postulations

Occasionally my shadow is motivated to comment on a movie or television show or an advertisement.   We are powerless to stop this action and offer our sincerest apologies for my shadow's brash assumption to be a virtual know-nothing film critic.

My shadow complains about the preposterous predicament we experience when presented with serious consideration the of scantily clad anorexic female challenging big muscle-headed cavemen. 

 Where Ever We Can't Goscubath

Years ago on a visit to Mother, we arrived in the lobby of a grand hotel which we had mistaken for our reserved hotel.  My Shadow amuses that we had barely made it to the lobby desk when converged upon by several concierge and security to usher us out and toward the more appropriately lower-class accommodations.  

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Beware The Violent Onesviolent onesth

Obviously when one thinks of no-man's land, one thinks of those teeming with drug abuse, sexual violence and distrust of outsiders .ie; Beverly Hills, Martha's Vineyard and the entire NBA, to name a few, but no matter. 

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Constitution Eat Thyself

Join or DieMy shadow Considers

As chaos of knowledge all things Constitution, civics, how Branches of Government work together, once a public school staple, erodes into decades of irrelevancy to near traitor status, how may shadows of "We" may be expected to recognize the ramifications of what is requested of "We" to relinquish?

The Constitution of "We the Peeps" is the basis upon which, constantly changing and challenging, laws of the land are measured. 

Clearly "We the Peeps" may not expect laws be weighed by Bible, Talmud, Koran stone or ideological dogma as:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

Nor may "We the Peeps" expect laws to deem Bible, Talmud, Koran stone or ideological dogma irrelevant to society. 

The Constitution of "We the Peeps" endows upon shadows inalienable rights, guaranteed.

My Shadow admonishes to remind:

The thing that allows We the Peeps to destroy the Constitution is the same Constitution that grants We the Peeps the freedom to free ourselves from the right to enjoy freedom.

Only in America do "We the Peeps" have the right to say "NO" to those who presume to rule as kings, rulers and sovereign monarchs whether appointment by God or elected.

American Political Roulette

american roulette politicalMy shadow ever ponders political landscape.

Bogglingly mindful of charitable tax-deductable money which flows twixt, tween obscene wealth to obscene government to obscene wealth, spent solely to convince Vox populi, obscene wealth and obscene government are one with "the opinion of the majority of the people. 

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Bull-S Train

Latest estimates 100B. B as in billion. We could cure homelessness, feed the poor and fix roads and waterways....

bullet train The deficiency of aquifer penetration exacerbated through decades of bureaucratic inefficiency and loving neglect over scorched and still-smoking hill and golden dale now contributes the desert-drying  radiance exhausts into an atmospheric barrier to blanket the dome reassurance of things yet to come.  

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Space Herpesbrain fartsth

Seems herpes has most of us by the short hairs, as my shadow suspects.

Now this truth...and while we're on the subject of alien conspiracies...on to phase II ( or III or XX) it woulde behove shadows everywhere to discover chromosomal reports of the infected collective to determine the genetic makeup of the immune for existence of alien DNA.  

My Shadow ponders the words Minority and Majority as they relate to BS.

American Justice maven, Judge Judy, explains parental responsibility as "until the child reaches "majority."" (My shadow has no regard for proper punctuation as it applies to communication between shadows who understand. We had not before considered the legal terminology of adulthood as "majority."

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Leo Tolstoy's novel War and Peace in one frame.

peace wareggclr