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Physical Manifestation

Virtual Consideration to Physical Attribution

physical representation

Blue card responses brought forth personal, uniquely stored memories, stereotypes and paradigms concerning only the question: What is the meaning of the word Dog?

White card responses also brought forth personal, uniquely stored, existing memories, experiences, sensations in addition to triggering memories about the new or different word(s) used by their next-door-neighbor to answer the initial question.

physical ultimate concept of the word dog

Compound Calculating

The blue card request calls upon rote memory, such as a pre-programmed test-print page of a printer. This is what I think, this is what I know about the meaning of the word dog.

The white card response also bring forth stored (rote) memory but about the word or terminology written on the blue card.

White card responses require the individual to consider incorporation of terminology proposed by their neighbor's description into their own existing paradigm. This new data calls for a mental calculation as to the meaning of the word dog through another persons reasoning.


Creates a New(er) and Hopefully Improved Memory Module

During Virtual Processing, in lightning speed of thought, an individual weighs, balances, accepts, rejects and combines new data as it relates to the question. Once a decision is formulated an individual writes a response to their neighbors blue card word(s) onto the white card.

As yet, my shadows may only surmise as to the inner working or content of another shadow's mind, our mere human sponsors may only communicate our preferences through physical manifestation to show and tell others of our ideological preferences as to what is the meaning of the word Dog.

The beauty of such consideration of new terminology, in this instance another idea to consider in the realm of doggieness, additional words, memories ideas and stereotypes may attach to the existing memory to enhance knowledge of a thing.

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