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Virtual Processing

Virtual Processing

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First, eight individuals jotted down initial responses to the question, "What is the Meaning of the Word Dog?"

Blue cards were turned face down and handed to the person seated next to them.


Step 2, Word Association

virtual processing ideas opinions


The second step requires each individual, upon the count of "go" to flip their blue cards over, read the words the next door neighbor wrote, take 5 seconds to process and then jot down, on their white cards, a word or two that come to mind. Gather all cards and return stack of cards to my shadow.

Respond to What the Blue Card Says

Among the Answers:

  1. Kisses
  2. Breed
  3. Beast
  4. Bad
  5. Loyal
  6. Song
  7. Noisy
  8. Selfish

level 2 answers

These new words from the minds of their neighbors compel the brain to consider potentially new data along side current dearly held paradigms to weigh, process and eventually incorporate or reject to form an new opinion or an ideology of the meaning of the word DOG in so far as the limited parameters of this small test group of eight individuals.

New thoughts and ideas may include descriptions, value judgements, emotional attributes, as my shadow insists with chaos, the sky is the only limit to imagination.

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