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Preconceived Conceptions

Decision Grid Part 3: Preconceived Conceptions

appeal to the memory

The initial question for the "blue card" round was to launch a query which would appeal to the instantaneous stereotyped paradigm of thought related to the gist of the question:

What is the meaning of the word "DOG." 

This initial level brings up already learned, experienced and stored ideas, thoughts and memories buried deeply,  permanent within the bowels of the chaotic brain.

appeal to the intuit ingrained already known memory

 As earnestly as my shadow longs for self-transcendent, chaotic challenges within this being of "we," nothing quite compares to the presence of pure, unadulterated, instant conjuring emanating from deep within the chaos of the machinations of multiple individuals processing memory, experience and preconceived conceptions.

Instructions to the Audience:

"When you hear the question,

  • take 5 seconds to write down one or two words that come to mind."

Question: What is the meaning of the word "DOG." 

Among the Answers given such a question:

  1. Muss, Barking
  2. Crude, Boorish
  3. Poodle
  4. Pet, Bark
  5. Animal
  6. Friend, Love, Companion, Friend
  7. 4 Legged Animal That Loves You

level 1 Among the Answers

My shadow observes the proclivity which is uniquely shadow toward total abandonment of instruction once contemplation strikes.

We request one or two words and no sooner than the question leaves our mouth, individuals disregard all prior instruction and write what ever comes to mind.

Such is chaos.


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