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Decision Grid Part II: The Question

question asked what is meaning of dog

What is the Meaning of the Word DOG?

question asked what is meaning of dog

We decided to hold a little experiment with eight individuals, all willing participants. 

First we provided each of eight individuals one blue and one white 3 x 5 card.

We informed these individuals that a question would be asked of them.

Once the question is asked, the individuals had up to 5 seconds to jot onto the blue card a word (or two) that comes to mind upon hearing the question.

Once time expired, they would turn the blue card face down and slide it to the person seated next to them.

3x5card bluename 3x5card whitename pencil scrollclr

My Shadow continues to experience salacious delight upon our Sunny Side's insistence to provide the above pictorial examples of index cards along with illustration of a pencil...sans pen, and arrogantly identify each as such, blue card, white card and pencil, with expectation of clarity understood.

Such is Chaos.

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