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Decision Grid Part I: Introduction

decision grid all

My Shadow requests we consider our Decision Grid which visually demonstrates how thoughts and ideas process within our minds.

The Decision Grid follows the flow of decision-making from the moment a question or situation arises to the instant a solution, an answer or hypothesis seems to magically appear.

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Plinko Brain in Action

internal memoryFirst level answers to the question:breeds of dogs

What is the meaning of the Word Dog

Lack of any external context other than the question itself, the brain relies upon stored information for the concept of Dog:

  • memory
  • pre-formed ideas
  • stereotypes

Internal data formed through usage of the senses, taste, touch, hearing, sight, intuit and smell, each experience uniquely different.

Presuming each individual has some form of past or current experiences with the four-legged, hairy beast, an understanding, a consensus, a general agreement of what is "A Dog" becomes the shared conclusion.

The answer to every question, query or quandary becomes as pornography, obscenity, and over-all poor taste...we all know a dog when we see one but each visualizes unique images and ideas of exactly what is a dog.

process question Plinko brain


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-*Part 5*-

Decision Grid Part II: The Question

question asked what is meaning of dog

What is the Meaning of the Word DOG?

question asked what is meaning of dog

We decided to hold a little experiment with eight individuals, all willing participants. 

First we provided each of eight individuals one blue and one white 3 x 5 card.

We informed these individuals that a question would be asked of them.

Once the question is asked, the individuals had up to 5 seconds to jot onto the blue card a word (or two) that comes to mind upon hearing the question.

Once time expired, they would turn the blue card face down and slide it to the person seated next to them.

3x5card bluename 3x5card whitename pencil scrollclr

My Shadow continues to experience salacious delight upon our Sunny Side's insistence to provide the above pictorial examples of index cards along with illustration of a pencil...sans pen, and arrogantly identify each as such, blue card, white card and pencil, with expectation of clarity understood.

Such is Chaos.

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Decision Grid Part 3: Preconceived Conceptions

appeal to the memory

The initial question for the "blue card" round was to launch a query which would appeal to the instantaneous stereotyped paradigm of thought related to the gist of the question:

What is the meaning of the word "DOG." 

This initial level brings up already learned, experienced and stored ideas, thoughts and memories buried deeply,  permanent within the bowels of the chaotic brain.

appeal to the intuit ingrained already known memory

 As earnestly as my shadow longs for self-transcendent, chaotic challenges within this being of "we," nothing quite compares to the presence of pure, unadulterated, instant conjuring emanating from deep within the chaos of the machinations of multiple individuals processing memory, experience and preconceived conceptions.

Instructions to the Audience:

"When you hear the question,

  • take 5 seconds to write down one or two words that come to mind."

Question: What is the meaning of the word "DOG." 

Among the Answers given such a question:

  1. Muss, Barking
  2. Crude, Boorish
  3. Poodle
  4. Pet, Bark
  5. Animal
  6. Friend, Love, Companion, Friend
  7. 4 Legged Animal That Loves You

level 1 Among the Answers

My shadow observes the proclivity which is uniquely shadow toward total abandonment of instruction once contemplation strikes.

We request one or two words and no sooner than the question leaves our mouth, individuals disregard all prior instruction and write what ever comes to mind.

Such is chaos.


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Plinko Brain

plinko words mind breakdown

The Question Asked:

What is the meaning of the word DOG?

As my shadow reminds, each shadow is unique with individual and shared combinations of genetic DNA, intelligence, capabilities, opportunities and personalities. Therefore, Shadow to shadow, first level answers may only originate from thus uniquely learned, formed and stored brain information memories and already formed ideas, stereotypes of the meaning of the word DOG.

Every shadow, from conception to dotage, grows, learns and matures each experiences uniquely different yet, similar observations and reactions to life events.

Internal stereotypes and paradigms

My shadow refers to this phenomenon as Plinko Brain. As internal data stored within the individual utilizes the senses, taste, touch, audio, sight, intuit and smell.

My shadow discovered the concept of Plinko Brain while enjoying the chaos of the Television game Plinko on the "The Price is Right."

With the game of Plinko, a contestant inserts a game puck arbitrarily into a maze grid of bumper pads which bounce the puck seemingly at random to and fro as it travels through the maze until ultimately falling into one category or another in order to win a monetary prize.

My Shadows equivocates Plinko to the random manner individuals develop and learn.  Each person uniquely experiences words, sounds, taste, smell, sight and intuit or gut feelings, as our mental Plinko pucks travel though the synaptic connections in our uniquely developing brains.

In other words, as my shadow insists, as an example:

If one's first experience with ice or freeze is that of our tongue stuck to a frozen flag pole, one might not think differently about the joyous qualities of ice until consuming a tasty snow-cone on a hot summer day.


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Virtual Processing

virtual processing gears

First, eight individuals jotted down initial responses to the question, "What is the Meaning of the Word Dog?"

Blue cards were turned face down and handed to the person seated next to them.


Step 2, Word Association

virtual processing ideas opinions


The second step requires each individual, upon the count of "go" to flip their blue cards over, read the words the next door neighbor wrote, take 5 seconds to process and then jot down, on their white cards, a word or two that come to mind. Gather all cards and return stack of cards to my shadow.

Respond to What the Blue Card Says

Among the Answers:

  1. Kisses
  2. Breed
  3. Beast
  4. Bad
  5. Loyal
  6. Song
  7. Noisy
  8. Selfish

level 2 answers

These new words from the minds of their neighbors compel the brain to consider potentially new data along side current dearly held paradigms to weigh, process and eventually incorporate or reject to form an new opinion or an ideology of the meaning of the word DOG in so far as the limited parameters of this small test group of eight individuals.

New thoughts and ideas may include descriptions, value judgements, emotional attributes, as my shadow insists with chaos, the sky is the only limit to imagination.

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Part 6

Virtual Consideration to Physical Attribution

physical representation

Blue card responses brought forth personal, uniquely stored memories, stereotypes and paradigms concerning only the question: What is the meaning of the word Dog?

White card responses also brought forth personal, uniquely stored, existing memories, experiences, sensations in addition to triggering memories about the new or different word(s) used by their next-door-neighbor to answer the initial question.

physical ultimate concept of the word dog

Compound Calculating

The blue card request calls upon rote memory, such as a pre-programmed test-print page of a printer. This is what I think, this is what I know about the meaning of the word dog.

The white card response also bring forth stored (rote) memory but about the word or terminology written on the blue card.

White card responses require the individual to consider incorporation of terminology proposed by their neighbor's description into their own existing paradigm. This new data calls for a mental calculation as to the meaning of the word dog through another persons reasoning.


Creates a New(er) and Hopefully Improved Memory Module

During Virtual Processing, in lightning speed of thought, an individual weighs, balances, accepts, rejects and combines new data as it relates to the question. Once a decision is formulated an individual writes a response to their neighbors blue card word(s) onto the white card.

As yet, my shadows may only surmise as to the inner working or content of another shadow's mind, our mere human sponsors may only communicate our preferences through physical manifestation to show and tell others of our ideological preferences as to what is the meaning of the word Dog.

The beauty of such consideration of new terminology, in this instance another idea to consider in the realm of doggieness, additional words, memories ideas and stereotypes may attach to the existing memory to enhance knowledge of a thing.

level 4 physical600