Brain Farts

tiger dragon with yin yang

The Theory of Unloyalty, my shadow reminds, only resides in the shadow of the Theory of Ideology, therefor completely unknown to the sunny side other than a notion to categorize into the sacred algorithm as the sunny side holds no concept of my shadow's existence.

Unloyalty, not disloyalty, my shadow insists. The concept born of curiosity2(squared) a power of which may reside only within the shadow and triggered through traumatic suffering whenever the sunny side faces the the unanswerable question those moments of exquisite shadow desire, when the impenetrable becomes penetrable and the cascade of questions overwhelm comes the opportunity at last to detach from the pod of imaginary reality to genuinely explore other imaginary realities.

My shadow challenges the terrified to detach from the tether and envision ideology for ideology sake and realize:

"the imaginary relation to the real conditions of existence" = ideology.

Chart ideology

ideology defined

Envision a scenario to apply to actual real-life condition. Achieve commonality.  Notice detractors.

Ideas on Steroids

Develop brain softeners to form the basis of economic or political theory and policy. Realize where ideology begins and ends

step 2 gather the BS

Realize limitations to examination ideologies within confines of commonality.

ball in pocket of

Imagine you are in the pocket of a gigantic, spinning...

giant roulette wheel

Roulette Wheel. Where the centrifical pressures are greatest and the view limited.

go to the top of the heap and check the view

Detach from the hive, practice unloyalty.  The view is always clearer from the top of the pyramid.  Invent Your Own Ideology

How much economic freedom or individual liberty do you believe you possess?