Brain Farts

 Innocuous Brain Softeningbrain fartsth

My shadow knows that every learned thing accepted without question flows through the grey stuff uninterrupted from birth, perhaps conception or before conception up unto this moment. Every iota of thought filters through the mesh of genetics and environment to ensure the chaos necessary to allow the self to find balance between the shadow and the sunny to create the whole.

Accept Without Question

Generally it's called learning, generalized, innocuous brain softening lessons of survival. My shadow knows most things accepted without question which meet question with resolution allow us to handle survival stuff like who mom and dad are, if you need to worry about older sisters or brothers, pillows are soft, electric sockets aren't and how to avoid funny uncles.

Brain farts, my shadow explains, occur when things accepted without question meet the dreaded rupture of reason. When questions of reason meet without resolution or compromises my shadow awaits the instant of paradigm shift strike, spark of thought which occurs when electrical synapses short and Brain fart occurs.

Brain Farts

My shadow exists for these moments of impasse when our balance teeters precipitously under the chaos of indecision and bewilderment. Outcome depends upon the intensity to which my sunny side attaches to the thing and where it falls in the hierarchy of intellectual or emotional order.

Issues are of no importance to my shadow. Chaos is the goal and ever ready. Any direct strike to the ingrained unquestioned thing may result in catastrophic failure to the emotional or intellectual sunny side at any time. The thought satisfies my shadow no end in a depraved creepy sarcastic sort of glee to envision the chaos as our sunny side struggles to regain peace, love and order, blessed order.

These are things that my shadow knows are absolutes with no room for doubt.  My sunny side occasionally rebels to  hurl facts and other insults towards my shadow until intervention is necessary and we must form a truce.  These are among the numerous collections of which we frequently disagree.