My Perfect Storm

Plowing Through the Underbrush


I followed the beaten path while D serpentined through the thick foliage covering every inch as he stampeded up over around and through 50 yards to the right of me, and 50 yards to the left, while keeping pace with me as I walked the trail.

In no time I heard

"Found one Aunt Pat!"

"Yea," I replied. "Put it in the bag!"

I continued walking the easy path, looking 2 to 3 feet to the left and right in the hopes I'd find a few easy pickinds.


Found another one Aunt Pat!

Now I'm feeling smug about myself for having the wisdom of bring this little whirlwind to the hunt.

It shouldn't take "us" long to collect all 15 mushrooms.

I felt a little sorry for the flies, gnats, mosquitoes, mice, rats, snails, his wake

yea, Devin! I cried

Enter The Tree

Then I saw the tree.

It was a small tree, a sapling 12 to 15 ft tall

Its boughs bent over the path, formed a canopy heavy with rain

I had a thought