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Brain Softener defined

Perpetual drips of something known or unknown which promises urgeny.

Maybe my Shadow made up the term, maybe not.  My Shadow believes it coined the phrase and that is what is important.


The subject doesn't matter.
Drips of promising urgencies. wacko
Seriously,  I see em, and I think I know why.
You see drips of promising urgencies sounds like a medical condition
OK, I'm watching the TJ news talkin about someting stupid, but it's new, and I'm eating, so I watch.
Next thing happens the new something stupid shows on all the news.
Next thing happens everywhere I go -saturated with new and stupid thing and so it roils for a few days or weeks then gone - poof.
That's called news dumass.
Marketing.  Brain Softening
Medical condition in your case.
See rule #1 (chart as yet to be provided but will be in the tools one day) apply as liberally as necessary
OK , You see brain softeners.
Sometimes there's music.  Soon this new and stupid thing becomes all we ever wanted or desired -  obtainable to each of us according to our need and ability of course.
You have to wait for the percolating process to take hold.
like boiling frogs
Frogs have the sense to jump out when the water gets hot, We sit in the pot till the lava threatens the iphone.
then the battleship sinks?
hardly, not even a direct hit. Next percolating victims of new and stupid thing display wounds and pathos, whip protests of the new and stupid thing. Rabble roused, laws passed, agencies in place, new regulations new tax. 
Maybe a battleship hit.
losers get to market old and stupid thing preventers.
Like condoms
Next thing you see sales brisk for old and stupid thing toys and merchandise preventers.
Could be on to something. So Dumass Sterling musta been an old and stupid thing that worked when the rabble needed rousing.
Something got rabbled