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One Zero to Another

My Shadow knows there are 01 kinds of people.cosmicegg

  • Zero: 0=atheist, without belief, science perspective
  • One: 1=theist, with belief, magical perspective

We are Zero in the binary code of life and, like every other 0 or 1, our life has purpose.

Everything past the (-0 1+) is Ideology. Ideology: rules established by rulers to protect a purpose of life of which is not yours not ours.

The quest to discover whether life en mass has purpose is unknown and unknowable, except to the individual. The individual, the person, 0 or 1, upon conception or spark of life, has purpose unknown to anyone but themselves.

The purpose of life. The basics: To live in safety, security, seek societal relatedness, status, thrive and gain personal growth.

The Golden Rule was a good start establishing rules of conduct. GR served 01's for thousands of years before things started to get silly.

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly Zeros and Ones concoct purpose of life ideologies to manipulate growing masses of unruly 0's and 1's.

  • "My god can beat up your god"
  • "My unbelief can beat up your ignorance
  • “My propaganda beats your Dogma”

Rinse repeat, there are a lot of combinations of 0's vs 1's vs 0's vs 1's. Think

We believe the path to societal acceptance of atheism and free thought for Zeros happens when we drop attachments to ideological restraints in much the same manner 0's insist 1's detach from make-believe sky hooks and mental crutches.

Play Devil's Advocate with yourself. Ask, is this me or I-de-ologie!?  A place to start might be to determine what you need, want and desire in a friend.

My Shadow realizes Zeros would benefit greatly by learning how to communicate effectively. As a Toastmaster ourselves, we recommend Toastmasters as a good place to gain public speaking skills.