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Timing is Everything

Reset Your Own Memory MatrixAccess your inner Joker

Realize all compromise between the two idiots  - control & chaos - thus far are solutions to conflicts using tools available at the moment of past incidences and have no bearing upon current contentions, arguments or conflicts. 


The purpose of your original brain matrix was to absorbe new data to intertwine with previous matrix of memories imprints as you grew into adulthood.  The matrix serves the mind to suggest appropriate reactions based upon past expeerience.  The matrix is neither right or wrong, moral or immoral, it is what it is, a mind map to help us get through each busy day.


No one may control CHAOS. (Who has that kind of time or energy anyway).

Like a prisoner with nothinng to do but plot and scheme for freedom, Chaos memorizes Control's battleship positions.

Over time Chaos learns to tweak controls hold on permissions to weaken resolve or question sanity.


The solution, as usual falls upon middle management.

Seize control Carpe Deim

Historically, the only people allowed to criticize or ridicule the king and queen is the joker.



Assert your inner Jester and advisor to the Queen.

Control allows management temporary permission to perform security upgrades in technological defense strategy and gurilla war defence mechanisms based upon 21st century synergistic battlefield structure.


Matrix upgrade

Become the parent of your own thoughts and impulses.

Ask questions out loud

Make the two idiots play nice.