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Battleship Brain Games

Which explain why criticism hurts more than compliments help.

The virtual Battleship game ensues.

Control Side Chaos Side
3 omnipotent hot-air ships 3 omnipotent hot-air ships
4 self-absorbed cruisers 4 self-centered cruisers
2 introvert submarines 2 exhibitionist submarines
1 nudist resents attention destroyer 1 nudist demands attention destroyer

control chaos battleship positions

Chaos seeks the compliment, emotions create upwell of feel-good emotions, simulations and excitement which Chaos bombard enmass into Control's defenses until a sinks three ships and forces the win. It's all good, let those endorphins and the good times roll. Control subdued.

Until the critique.

At which Control bombards into Chaos battlefield a barrage of

  • I told you so's
  • Negative waves
  • Reminders of past failures disappointments


Endorphins extinguished, depression achieved, control restored