Enter the Computer Age

Oh Snap!

Enter the computer age. As if it is not bad enough we sit at the hearth of the television set for rest and recreation.

  • Doh! Television commercials for food and drink increase food and drink consumption
  • Doh! The per-capita number of fast-food restaurants doubled between 1972 and 1997
  • Doh! Calorie content in foods consumed increased 20% in the late 1980s and 1990s (this coincides with increased number of hours worked by mothers)
  • 1977 The first Apple Computer goes on sale
  • 1978 Illinois Bell Company introduces first ever Cellular Mobile Phone System
  • Space Invaders Launches Craze for Computer Video Games
  • The first computer bulletin board system BBS is created
  • 98% of all American homes have a television
  • 1979 ESPN launches on cable television

You can almost hear the sound of all those permanently softened well-fattened-arses, through years of fast food and television, collectively flopping into their video rockers and gaming chairs