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Marriage of Market Synergy and Fast Food

Marriage of Market Synergy and Fast Food

Marriage fast food marketing synergetic marketing

1930 Walt Disney develops the concept of "Market Synergy". Signed agreements with dozens of companies granting rights to use Micky Mouse on products and in advertising. When the 1938 Snow White movie debut Disney had signed 70 liscencing deals prior to the film's release. Books, snacks, clothing, lunch boxes and records sold prior to the movie debut.

Begins marketing directly to children with promotions and placement of of Disney products. Pioneered the fine art of licensing of Mickey Mouse and other Disney related merchandise for sale to children.

Synergy: working together

The creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts.

Stage is set

Synergy in marketing happens when two marketing strategies combine to achieve a greater sales impact. The success of marketing strategy is based upon the notion that consumers require different approaches about a business or a product before making a decision to purchase. Attractive company names and logos are unique but simplistic methods of marketing these days. Multiple strategies such as print and visual media combined with logo and attractive naming better penetrates the market and makes the unwary consumer a sitting duck.


The War on Fat People

(AKA The Obesity Epidemic) Those pesky experts say “between the years 1980 and 2002, obesity prevalence doubled in adults aged 20 years or older." Emphasis focuses on the 1980s as the pivotal point in the history of the obesity epidemic…or obesity pandemic as some reports now declare.


Which leads us into creating the:

Synergenic Defense System SDS