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Yup, this site is about to make an abrupt about face. Well, maybe not so abrupt, really, since the contents have served to help refine and hone our Theory Of Pat, which will start filling up pages fairly soon. 

We're still in the learning process of Blog stuff.

We thought about changing the domain name brainsofteners but decided against it because we're all about the BS.

And speaking of BS...

The creation of avatars.

We will expound upon these eventually - oh, and none of the still existing pages matter.  All will be revealed.

control pat

Control Freak

005control wayneclr

Wayne the Navy Veteran

cat woman in robe and slippers


Pink bedroom Slippers and Robe

chaos dragondisplay

Chaos Dragon

control wayne

Wayne the Indomitable

General Kala

General Kala and Lover of Ming the Merciless

ivanka trump persona

Our Pseudo Ivanka Inaugural Ball Gown


Dorothy and Toto


Sadder but Wiser Gal

pat rosieriveterdisplay

Rosie The Riviting

swimsuit outfitdisplay

Summer Swim Time Fun

veil outfitdisplay

In Mourning

winter outfitdisplay

Saying Goodbye

wirch patdisplay

Witchy Woman

wyn ming the mercilousdisplay

Emperor Ming the Merciless