they are coming for us

Pointless Rants & Etchings

The cautionary tale that is the side-effects, literary novels which add reams of paper to carry through the checkout...toss into trash, shredder and possibly recycle bins as soon as we get home and contribute to the deforestation of wherever the trees are grown these days, all so that we may enjoy the precious prescription bestowed from on-high... Tree to tree, trash to trash. Amen.


The cautionary tale begins:

"Fluconazole: it is used to treat fungal infections in the mouth.  This drug is used to treat vaginal yeast infections."

My shadow muses.

The future, my shadow assures, will be populated with underground speak-easy's where men who desire women gather in dimly-lit squalor to secretly discuss physical attributes about their desires but dare not express publically lest they be thought a whore. ..or sexist and other inconsequential quibbling.

My Shadow reminds "We the peeps" may alone decry and protest, out loud and in writing under the protection of the U.S. Constitution, the thing which protects Individual Rights, as rights that may never be denied.  Everyone else falls under monarchies, dictatorship, socialist rule or democracies. Look it up. Show us we are in error.

My shadow suggests we pay closer attention to the upper crust migration and follow.  Could be horse-trading going on between the owners. 

My shadow decided we have been remiss for denying ridiculous content to the shadows curiously lingering. Our simping sunny side remains, in fatalistic state of freefall flailing frantically, the cascade of paralysis inflicted, my shadow relentless searches for crevices in the armor of our confidences. My shadow finds no issue in admission of pomposity. We have no power.

We remind, We the Peeps,350 million among the billions of denizens on this planet Earth, alone may voice criticism toward the actions of our leaders from kings and dicatators and despots in other countries, to presidents to school hall monitor in ours.

Fake News

December 2016 begins the media driven Fake news "hide the Pea" game.   My shadow's spidy - all conspiracies seriously considered - shadow alter-ego tells us something in a realm far, far away from prying eyes and in need of an O.J. cacophony sized scandal... is a-foot. Which faction will win the rope-pull.