Time Machine

Omnivore - The Grey ManOmnivore - The Grey Man

Fast forward another million years, the Time Traveler discovers the existence of The Grey Man.

Described as furry, hopping herbivores resembling small kangaroos but with the head and hair of a Skye Terrier dog.

This the pinacle ofWoMankind evolution. Success.


  • friendly
  • furry
  • small
  • grey in color
  • resembe small kangaroos
  • head and mane of the Skye Terrier
  • eats everything

The Grey man travels in vast herd-like communities.

The creature was friendly and readily approached the Time Traveler, so as goes the DoDo, the traveler was obliged to kill it with a rock if only to see what was inside the little beast...and the traveler being from the beastly age...it couldn't be helped.