Time Machine

Future WoMankindThe Future Humans

As documented by none other than time traveler H. G. Wells, the final battle takes place between the Herbivores (Eloi) and Carnivores Morlock).  


Well, not so much as a battle really, more like a kinder, gentler harvesting by the Morlocks, of happy, disease-free, oblivious surface dwelling Eloi, accustomed to fresh foods delivered and other luxuries offered through the 7 Wonders.


Tunnel-cave dwelling carnivores -  ape-like troglodytes live in darkness underground.  

Hunt Eloi at night.


The shining result of WoMankind's ultimate technological triumph over nature.

Do no work, live in advanced but deteriorating buildings, feed upon fruits and vegetables secreted into Eloi community feeding stations through a vast Morlock underground network.