Time Machine

flip ration chartThe Future Ratio of Carnivore vs Herbivore 

As vegetation encompasses, enter the Frugivore, the fruit-eating herbivore will provide the new divide within society.  Will Vegans shun Frugivores?  Only my Shadow's time travel will tell.

Wildlife sanctuarians will enshrine wild-life, for our own protection and prohibit contact with, influence by, and definitely no harvesting. Future zoos fund through tour groups reserved years in advance, habitat for WoMankind reverts to above-ground super-cities filled with sterile technological, germ and organism free wonders of dull curiosities to appease needs of pampered and pedicure masses.


7 Wonders of the New World

  1. Fast Food entertainment/food stations with slight regard for the occasional cultural and religious throwback
  2. 5 Star resort hotels with views of oceans from pools of purified water
  3. Well Lit and paved virtual wildlife paths for the 3-D inclined
  4. Padded playgrounds where the occasional, accidental child may bounce harmlessly
  5. Soft toys for the blue-blanket anxiety laden denied the luxury of pollution-producing household pets 
  6. Soft, nutritionally supercharged, taste-free foods to ensure maximum elimination efficiency 
  7. Soft entertainment with no reference to race, creed, color, infirmity

Carnivores, scavengers retreat underground and form communities for safety in numbers, eventually construct series of tunnels for safe travel and ultimate, quick and efficient surface hunting opportunities