Time Machine

Diet determine  Skulls Carnivore = Meat Eater

Food, glorious food.  Hold the sausage and mustard.

The quality, self-respecting carnivore may survive quite nicely on meat, warm, pure, fresh, raw and bloody.  Yum.  No blueberry puppy treats necessary.

The ever-attentive carnivore lives apart, on the outskirts, from the madding crowd of duck calls, bleating sheep and thundering hooves preferring instead the occasional visitation of the curious, the foolish, old and sick...or newborn.

consumers of flesh who refuse to adapt to blueberry flavored protein substitutes will have no quarter in the new world, instead will be banned, shunned and delegated into hiding, preferably burrowing deep underground out of sight of civilization.

Carnivores innocent by virtue of birth and low intelligence quotients relegated to wild life sanctuaries, zoos and private hunting grounds of the wealthiest of WoMankind carnivores and other depraved flesh-craving scavengers.

Carnivores possess:

Piercing eyes: placement of which in face front for optimum depth perception. 

  • Teeth: Sharp for biting tearing
  • Beaks and claws to rend flesh from bone
  • Jaws: strong to crush bones and consume nutritious bone marrow