Time Machine

Ban cow farts

Ban Pollution-Producing Crops & Livestock

Make allegedly pollution producers pay through the proverbial nose.  Only the wealthy may enjoy such delicacies as T-Bone steaks and Filet Minon, along with white bread, mashed potatoes and creamy gravy.


Price food out of the reach of the average hoi poloi which will force the great unwashed into cravings for yeast-free, gluton-free, low-calorie, no-sugar, no-salt, nutrition bars lovingly formed by the very machines which put the consumer out of the business of independency.    


Future shadows will clamor in obedience for the allottment of feed properly machinated for human consumption.  

No longer will WoMankind suffer the indignities of time-consuming and laborious chores of food preparation and cleanup.   

Future kitchenettes will feature food molds in the form of happy-face cows, pig and chickens in which to press protein mixes of questionable origins blended with supplement vitamins and questionable additives for microwave processing to festoon feasts of pure genetically altered insect-proof, decay-free vegetation.


  • Yokeless Eggs 
  • Boneless Mystery Lab Grown Meat
  • Protein packs
  • Gassed produce with no apologies for lack of taste
  • Dissolvable tableware


Ban carnivores to the fringes.