Time Machine

Evolution and Future of WoMankindchoices into the future

As we advance from ancestral drudgery of water-fetching, rug-beating, club welding, knife-throwing and sword play into modern-day conveniences; vacuum cleaners, dish-washers, microwaves, ready-to-eat meals, all enjoyed from the comfort of the rocker-recliner in front of the big-screen TV, we press imaginary buttons to send bombs on the imaginary enemy while enjoying Star Wars radar-rayguns, robot cyborgs and dreaming of powerful implants and effortless space travel.


Factions divide through culinary delights.

  • Carnivores: Meat eaters.  Can survive solely on consumption of raw flesh
  • Omnivores: Enjoy range of food fare from meat to insects to plant material
  • Herbivores: Can consume and digest only plant matter, applies to Vegetarians, Vegans 
  • Synthetic:  Artificial.  As science "progresses" and our bodies become ever more Borg-like, artificial supplements will be necessary

Everyone's gotta eat, after all.