Time Machine

Intro:  My Shadow Explains Evolution of WoMankind through Time Machine Travel

evolution and future of mankind

My Shadow presumes to explain WoMankind evolution based upon a book we once read and barely remember.  My Shadow, however, proceeds with the opulence of the deep, inner wisdom only shadows may posses.


The evolution of WoMankind from the sludge and slime, to the crawling animals, apes, cavemen up to today's modern generic, seems to be precariously balanced upon the precipice of technology vs artificial life vs the natural world of survival of the species and natural selection.



The age of technology greets mankind with a dubious range of life and style choices with which to go forth into the future crap shoot of enlightenment or destiny of dark.  


Modern generic WoMankind stand at the edge of a well fortified precipice lined with padded rails and safety nets and monitored 24/7 to prevent impulsive inadvertence.